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Agents Stills


A slight movement of the body - 

a thought which turns into motion 

…..into rotation 

…..into extension 


A moment of stillness - Quiet… 

Coming to resting tension - Breath… 


Rotation, of the rise

to bend into the fall


Soft, statuesque beauty.



Travys Owen and Yannick Lebrun are proud to present this body of work which celebrates the human form through the act of movement. It is also an exploration of the moments in-between movement - Statuesque and in tension. Through this act of being in motion or tension it aims to unveil a certain softness, a sense of physicality, vulnerability, strength and beauty.

Price: Upon request.

Print: Hahnemühle Photo Archival Print

Avaliable in two sizes
Signed and Edition of 15 - 100cm X 71.42cm height (39.37in) (large Print)  

Signed and Edition of 15 - 70cm height (27.6in) (Medium Print) 

Signed and numbered by the Artist


Talent: Yannick Lebrun


Delivery is free of charge to anywhere worldwide - Please allow for 5-7 working days within the USA and 10-15 Working days outside of the USA


Unfortunately we cannot guarantee there will not be any wear and tear due to natural caused in the shipping process however, all artworks will be shipped in a protected cylindrical tube which is certified to withstand the elements and handling of shipping as safely as possible. If the print is damaged in any way please send the print back to be re issued another print.


I have opted for the most secured track and sign postage option to ensure your print is delivered to you and only you.

Orders & Prices

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